Vicki Shiba Asian and Tribal Art

About Vicki Shiba

Through extensive travel over the past forty years, Vicki Shiba acquired firsthand knowledge of other cultures and their respective art forms. While specializing in Buddhist paintings and sculpture, her gallery features ritual objects, masks, statues, textiles, carpets, baskets, furniture, and jewelry from around the world. These artifacts originate from Tibet, Nepal, India, Indonesia, peninsular Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and the surrounding Pacific Rim. Vicki’s diverse collection revolves around the beauty between form and function while offering a fusion of classic Asian aesthetic with the rudimentary elegance of tribal art.

“Over time, I developed an eye for the beauty in everyday objects. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary, enhancing day-to-day life. In this way, we can learn from different cultures, and I am honored to be able to share that with others.” Vicki continues to spread her knowledge and enthusiasm to all.

She helps to build both public and private collections globally and actively participates in shows in San Francisco, New York, and beyond.

Vicki is available by appointment only at her studio gallery in Mill Valley, CA. All inquiries are welcomed.

"Art prepares the soul for travel"